Who Are We ?

Wondersond is a small independent game development studio located in Zagreb, Croatia.


We work in small teams and collaborate with passionate people from all around the world to create enjoyable and polished games. Our collaborative experience so far was positive and above all inspiring, and we will continue with this practice in the future.


There are thousands of smart and talented individuals all around the globe with the same mission as our - to create new experiences for everyone to enjoy. It is just a matter of time before we meet and create another unique and special game.


We Love Games

We cherish the free flow of passion in designing our games. When you know games on such an deep and intimate level – from its roots in the NES and Commodore era, to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – you want to share that love for the medium with the whole world. We create those opportunities, not just for us, but for everybody who wants to create something special.

Our History

Over the past five years we created more than ten free to play web platform games featured and funded by: Armor Games, Newgrounds, Kongregate, Nickelodeon Addicting Games and Miniclip; thus reaching more than ten million players.



HaxeFlixel is an open source 2D game library written for use with the Open Flash Library and the Haxe Toolkit, it is completely free for personal or commercial use. This game library enables multi-platform development for native targets on mobile and desktop as well as Flash and experimental Html5 support on web platforms.


This project was founded by Alexander Hohlov, also known on Beeblerox on GitHub, who continues to be the project lead for the HaxeFlixel Organisation group. The project itself also has an active community with contributions from highly valued developers (by GitHub names) crazysam, impaler, Werdn, ProG4mr, Gama11, sergey-miryanov and more.




Let's Play !

Be free to monetize your videos of our games on the internet !

We would be happy if you would share the videos with others, and also if you would share them with us !  Be free to send us email to : letsplay@wondersond.com !

We can even promote them on our social media too !



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