Our group is forever changing collaboration between people from all parts of the world that love to make games-they-want-to-play.

There is lot of people that joined us along the way, and that are not anymore with us, and we are thankful for all their help.

Below you can read more about us and our projects !

Kristian Macanga


Founder of Wondersond.


Kristian's diverse interests have produced games in various genres and styles. Games he made with others was played by tens of millions of players all around the web, and they were sponsored by companies like Armor Games, Newgrounds, Kongregate, Miniclip, Big Fish Games, and Nickelodeon Addicting Games. His work includes engine & gameplay programming, game designing, competitive analysis, business, and project management. His cooperation with various talented enthusiasts all around the world gave birth to more than 20 projects so far including Spitfire, Rocking Pilot, Verge, Forget Me Not, Sudden Aviator, VideoGame The Game, and others. All these unique people shaped who he is today, and they showed him what is there to love in various disciplines.


Email :

Lena Maštruko


Project :  Rocking Pilot



Concept artist and illustrator,

Graduated in Zagreb 2015 in Faculty of Graphic Arts with masters degree in graphic design. Lenas interest lies in game industry, particularly in concept design and illustration. Having experience with working in studios and on indie games, but still striving to broad her knowledge and skill. She has collaborated with many artist in various projects regarding art or the organisation of art events/festivals.


Portfolio :

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Guy Unger


Projects : Spitfire, VideoGame The Game

Designer, Artist, Programmer


Also owner of SlodderFox, making games is his real passion, and the reason why he travels around the world to work with different people and learn with them.

Known for VideoGame The Game, Chompy, Hanoka, and March of the Cards.


Ante Jelušić


Project : Rocking Pilot

Game designer / Writer


From the humble beginnings of directing theater plays and performances, to movie screenwriting – one passion was the driving force behind Ante's life - Games. From the moment he learned to write, he started to create games. Ante has more than 10 years of experience in writing and developing video games. He has written numerous games, and is actively looking for new challenges. He firmly believes that games, more than any other medium, have a chance to change the player – thus changing the world.


Marta Majnarić


Marta was born in the decade where controllers were called joysticks. A typical art geek, she grew up in a theatre which preserved her imagination and sense of wonder.


Her dreams led her to Faculty of philosophy where she graduated cultural anthropology on the topic of gender and video games. During her college years she began writing scenarios and game documents. So far she worked on several projects mostly for adventure and hidden object games.

Bianca Ban


Project : Rocking Pilot



Born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1986. She graduated in 2010 from the Zagreb Academy of Music with a Master’s degree in Applied Composition.

Bianca’s diverse interests have produced soloistic, orchestral and chamber music, as well as music for television, video games, theater, independent film, and other media outlets. Her music was performed at numerous concerts and film festivals in Croatia and abroad. Other notable accomplishments include performing in cooperation with the Zagreb’s Music Academy Symphony Orchestra, Croatian Radio Television Big Band, and the Zagreb Philharmonic orchestra.


Website :

Filip Neduk


Project : Godfall

Board Game Designer, Digital Artist & Writer


Creator of Goblins inc.


Manuel Krusy


Project : Sudden Aviator

Sound Designer


Sound designer, composer, musician, film director & editor (and don't forget space enthusiast) - all in one!

He and his team bravely invaded the wilds of junkyards to record realistic sound effects for Sudden Aviator. They also composed the music, but this was done in safer environments of studio.


Damir Đurović


Consults about marketing and business.


Reboot, managing director / co-founder

Having 20 years of gaming media and marketing/PR experience, he has worked on numerous gaming media projects. His most recent endeavor is building up REBOOT brand together witn an en excellent and agile small team. REBOOT brand today spans both the biggest video gaming magazine in SE Europe, biggest consumer games show – Reboot InfoGamer and one of the most intriguing game developer conferences in Europe – Reboot Develop.


Matthew Barto



Project : Sudden Aviator

Concept Artist & Illustrator


I love to draw and make stuff!

Alex De-Gruchy


Project : Rocking Pilot



Writer and editor of fiction and non-fiction whose work covers videogames, comic books and prose. As well as writing for

PS4 Home, GamerBolt and Tech Daring, his upcoming fiction projects include two graphic novels and several videogames.


Marvel at more wordy outpourings from his brain-meats on Twitter: @AlexDeGruchy.

Kyle Pulver


Project : Verge

Designer, Artist, Programmer


Kyle worked on Snapshot, Offspring Fling, and a whole bunch of other games. He also created and maintain Otter, a 2d game making C# framework.


Brandon Williamson


Project : Forget Me Not

Designer, Artist, Programmer


Aka Nyarlu Labs, is an Australian coder who has created two retro styled mobile games, Magnetic Shaving Derby and Forget-Me-Not. He makes little games in his spare time, also music. He likes making arcadey ones with pretty colours and things whooshing about & exploding with fireworks and rhythm and patterns.



Marko Dješka


Project : Amper&Sand

Concept Artist


Born in 1983. in Osijek (Croatia). Graduated animation on Academy of fine arts in Zagreb. Freelance illustrator, storyboard, comic artist, 2D animator, animation director and scriptwriter. Currently working on third short movie and on few comic projects.

His comic 'Bul and Bal' was recently published in Heavy Metal magazine.

Samuel Batista


Helps with HaxeFlixel development and game programming


Sam is a formidable programmer who spends his working days doing GUI programming with AAA titles. Sam is also a passionate Indie developer and community organiser in the Baltimore area. He is responsible for many optimisations and improvements to the engine and has been a part of it shortly after it began.




Jan Willem Nijman


Projects : 10800 Zombies, Coptra

Designer, Artist, Programmer


Jan Willem Nijman always wanted to be an inventor. After he found out inventors don't make 200 feet high combat robots in their garage, he instead found himself in a community of people that make games in a few hours. He made hundreds of games, but most of them didn't do justice to their concepts so he started focusing on quality over quantity. To do so, Jan Willem enrolled in a game design school. After finding out most of that didn't do justice to that concept either, he decided to team up with Rami Ismail and start Vlambeer. Within Vlambeer, Jan Willem focuses on game design.

Greg Lobanov


Project : Crazy Over Goo

Designer, Artist, Programmer


Greg “Banov” Lobanov is a crazy awesome game designer from Philadelphia, Pennsylania.

His games tend to be characterized by simple mechanics and, occasionally, big stories. More recently his work has weaned off its narrative focus and come to rest on more pure game design. Whatever he's doing, he always tries to make it completely different from everything else he's done.




Special Thanks !


Flixel and HaxeFlixel community for their great effort to create framework that enabled indie developers to make better games in less time, and for giving lot of their time to help others.

Newgrounds community for huge inspiration and support from community in all areas of games making !

Our sponsors - Newgrounds, Armor Games, Nickelodeon Addicting Games, Miniclip, Kongregate and others for sponsoring our games and enabling us to stay in gaming business and continue to make games we love !

Miroslav Malešević  for connecting us with great indies which resulted in our first projects : Coptra, 10800 Zombies, Crazy Over Goo, and Verge.

Jasmin Rutić  for teaching our founder the basics of coding !

Zack Banack for creating  Paper Dreams with us !

Scattle for creating Defem with us !

Tyler Myers for helping us with animations for Rocking Pilot & for awesome VideoGame The Game art !

Aleksandar Vještica for creating original logo design for Wondersond and for connecting us with Ante and Marta.

Stephen Oakley and Brandon Yanez for giving us great honour to work with them on our dream game inspired by Dark Souls. We didn't succeed, but we tried, and it was great time when we was working together.

Few awesome people for helping us create Beggy-500 - Darrell Dibur Reconose for composing OST, Marta Stražišić and Robin Goodfellow for creating art, David Bradshaw and Ian Richard for game design, Hunter Garza for awesome story and item descriptions ! This was first Ludum Dare we attended, and it was awesome 72 hours long no-sleep only-work-for-fun experience!

Boris Bovkun aka Dabor for playtesting Rocking Pilot, Sudden Aviator, and few other prototypes !

Filip Neduk for coloring the Wondersond logo !

Lena Maštruko for saving Agram 2113 project when we lost artist and there was only 10 hours left before game jam deadline!

Zach Striefel for awesome sound effects in multiple projects !

Silvio Guček for creating trailer for Rocking Pilot !

Dora Ingrid Perković for drawing cutest piggies for Amper & Sand !


To everyone else we forget to mention !

Sorry, it wasn't on purpose, and we would be happy to add you ! :)




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